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judul Arirang Fantasy 2011
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Arirang Fantasy 2011

Celebrating the launching of TV CHOSUN upcoming project!

Sing Arirang! Sing to the world!


‘ARIRANG FANTASY 2011’ is a launching special program of ‘TV CHOSUN’. As a part of this program, we prepare a virtual choir ‘Arirang’ You can join this grand project on the website(tv.chosun.com). Follow the guidance video clip and upload your singing movie. All your clips will become virtual choir 'Arirang'.

‘ARIRANG FANTASY 2011’ will be a great chance to understand Korean culture and join a choir. Express yourself through 'the song of Arirang' alongside with people all over the world. Your voice will be heard by the world December 1, 2011.

Join this project and recommand this project to your friends in your country.

Time period: Otober 24, 2011 (Mon) ~ November 20, 2011 (Sun)

Participants: Everybody in the world

Homepage: tv.chosun.com

Music director : byungwoo Lee & sing with Hyesun Ku

* Arirang is a well-known Korean folk song over the world and it has always been the most important music to understand Korean’s culture and identity. Also, it has played a role of spiritual support when Korean people were suffering from poverty and harsh times. Many Koreans find souls and special forces in Arirang melody. Some say that Arirang shows optimism to life in one aspect, others say that they feel describable sorrow from it. Many foreigners who are interested in Korean culture can recognize and sing the melody easily. That’s why Arirang has been played in international ceremony or competition to represent Korea. And many musicians approaches to Arirang to apply to their own music.